ThaiREU 2011

Sean Carrigg

Oregon State University

carriggs at

Thai Advisor: Prof. Somsak Ruchirawat

Thai Student Partner: Phanruethai (Nan)


Project Title: "Chemical Investigation of Bioactive Secondary Metabolites from the Root of Milletia brandisiana"

Liliane Ernst       

Vanderbilt University

e-mail: liliane.r.ernst at

Thai Advisor: Dr. Palangpon Kongsaeree

Thai Student Partners: Danuchpong Pimboonma (Aof),Urawadee Rajchakit (Kaew), and Ajcharapan Tantipanjaporn (Amm)

Project Title: "Chemically Induced Self Aggregation of DHFR Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles"

Lucas Erickson       

Macalester College

e-mail: lericks3 at

Thai Advisor: Dr. Thawatchai Tuntulani

Thai Student Partner: Benjamat Chailap (Jik)


Project Title: "Butadiyne Diphenylferrocene Amide for Electrochemical Anion Recognition"

Spencer Heins   

Fort Lewis College 

e-mail: spheins at

Thai Advisor: Dr. Charnsak Thongsornkleeb

Thai Student Partner: Anon Bunrit (Pikae)

Project Title: "Findings on the Effects of Gold Catalysts for an Intramolecular Cyclization Reaction of Oxygen on an Enyne"

Yulia Kostenko   

University of California, Berkeley

e-mail: juliakostenko at

Thai Advisor: Dr. Poonsakdi Ploypradith

Thai Student Partner:

Pakornwit Sarnpitak (Tern)



Project Title: "A Facile Metal-free Synthesis of Disubstituted Benzocyclobutenes and Indenes"

Steven Moss 

American University

e-mail: sm6794a at

Thai Advisor: Dr. Nopporn Thasana

Thai Student Partner: Prattya Nealmongkol (Tao)


Project Title: "Synthesis of Azanovobiocin Derivatives Using Cu(I)/Pd(II)-catalyzed C-N Bond Formation"

Emily Redman

University of Rochester

e-mail: emily.redman at

Thai Advisor: Dr. Tirayut Vilaivan

Thai Student Partner:

Krisana Peewasan (Jack)


Project Title: "Synthesis of Antimalarial Dihydropteroate Synthase (DHPS) Inhibitors"

Sydonie Schimler       

Lawrence University

e-mail: sydonie.d.schimler at

Thai Advisor: Dr. Thienthong Thongpanchang

Thai Student Partners: Duenpen Unjaroen (Pik)

Project Title: "Synthesis Towards Thiadiazoles of Thiophene Quinones"


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